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Welcome to the online home of Wales’ premier security company: Safestyle Security. We provide a tailored security experience, with a personal touch that is second to none. Over the decade we have built up an outstanding reputation in the industry and our highly trained, experienced staff can be seen working all over the U.K and Ireland. Whether it’s The Royal Ascot, Premier League football, or a local fair – our priority is making sure the event runs smoothly and safely, to the high standard we are committed to.

What can we do for you

If you have an event requiring security services, look no further than Safestyle Security. We are always looking to expand our client base and would be glad to be of service to you. We truly can save you a lot of bother and act as the single source of security for your event. From assisting in the management of the event to working with an existing security team – Safestyle offers an extensive and flexible service.

Our Services

Sports Stadium Security

At Safestyle we can provide match day staff for any sporting event from a few staff for a local sporting event to the comprehensive management of all security, stewarding, hospitality and car park personnel. No matter the size of your event we strive to comply with all the legislation and guidance for the environment in which we work.

Crowd & Event Management

We can cover every security aspect of the event needed, right from the initial planning of an event, discussing site designs, providing risk assessments, risk reduction measures and contingency plans to ensuring the adequate levels of supervisory, event and security personnel who are equipped to provide safety and security services required to help facilitate the safe enjoyment of event goers without compromising the event.

Guarding Services

We are able to offer your business, property or site the protection that it needs. Whether public, private, construction, retail or corporate sector, we can supply security services from static/manned guarding to concierge customer facing staff. All our security personnel are thoroughly vetted and screened to current legislative standards, as well as being  highly trained and experienced in the role which they licensed for.

CCTV Services

The versatility of the cctv systems allows us to utilise a professional monitoring service for short term contract whether at the side of the road watching plant equipment and materials to a green field festival site hosting thousands of revellers. With built in cameras and telescopic mast the mobile unit can give our cctv operators a birds-eye view over a large area providing an effective deterrent and detection system.

Specialist Security Services

Many of our clients have needs beyond that of the security services provided by many other companies. At Safestyle we have worked hard to develop staff with a wider ranging skill set enabling us to provide services outside the main stream:

Concierge service | Security Reception | Corporate Hospitality 

Planning and Consultancy Services | VIP escort | close protection

Film & TV Production Security

Safestyle can offer an all encompassing security solution to your filming needs, whether studio or location filming. Since 2001 we have been key to many productions film based, on location, studio, media broadcasts and the more challenging end of current affairs programs across the UK, ensuring the safety, security and integrity of your production.

Traffic Management

For many years we have been involved in the event industry managing the flow of traffic into car parks whether market or unmarked, in an efficient manner reducing both waiting time of the customer and easing congestion from the highways. Our staff are trained in house in traffic management, to maximise the space available but above all the need for a controlled ingress and egress as an integral part of a safe event.

Pubs & Clubs

At Safestyle we have a subjective view to door supervision, rather than the bouncer ethos of old, we prefer the tactical customer friendly approach towards managing the health, safety and welfare of your customers. We also work closely with our clients, the police and licensing authorities in the reduction of crime and anti social behaviour in and around licensed premises.

Taxi Rank Stewards

The way home from a night out in town, festival or one off event can often throw up its own challenges where the waiting around for a taxi or bus can become a hotspot for anti social or unruly behaviour.

We see the taxi marshal as a deterrent to anti social behaviour, providing order and  queuing process to both customers and drivers, a deterrent and reporter of unlicensed vehicles as well as a safe place for the more vulnerable to gain a safe passage home.

Why us?

Here at Safestyle, we respect that every client is different and address that in our planning of their event. We place public safety at the very forefront of planning – undertaking all associated practices related to the security provision, including liaison with the licensing agencies and emergency services, emergency planning and training requirements.  At the start of an event day, every member of staff is fully briefed in a plan carefully tailored for the client’s needs. We will often conclude in a debriefing, to summarise the day, as we strive to provide the highest quality security experience possible.

Management Team

Darren Edwards
Managing Director
Stuart Grocott
General Manager
Gavin Hawkings
Event Manager
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