cctvIt is a sad fact that in todays society more and more people and businesses have to rely on technology in order to detect, deter and evidence crimes that blight their business.

At Safestyle we recognise that when watched closely, cctv is one of the most cost effective and reassuring resources for monitoring, deterring or detecting criminal activity or unwanted attention that can plague your business or event.

For every problem there is an effective solution that’s why we have teamed up with several suppliers of surveillance equipment in order to find the right solution to your needs. whether it be a series of fixed units, mobile units or short term monitoring solution Safestyle and our partners will tailor a package hardware and monitoring, that meets your needs.

Mobile camera units

photo_6The versatility of the cctv systems allows us to utilise a professional monitoring service for short term contract whether at the side of the road watching plant equipment and materials to a green field festival site hosting thousands of revellers. With built in cameras and telescopic mast the mobile unit can give our cctv operators a birds-eye view over a large area providing an effective deterrent and detection system.

Body worn cameras

We realise that not all fixed cctv systems can provide the answer to every problem, which is why we employ the use of body worn cctv cameras where necessary, to video and voice record in close quarters whilst on the move, especially where challenging behaviour of customers and staff is a problem. Like the fixed units recording to a control room, these body worn cameras can provide instant playback and be backed up at a moments notice.

When worn by our staff, cctv uniform can provide the ultimate deterrent against anti social behaviour, at work, on the move or amongst the crowds.

Other Services we provide