TV & Film Production Security

corporate-eventsSafestyle can offer an all encompassing security solution to your filming needs, whether studio or location filming. Since 2001 we have been key to many productions film based, on location, studio, media broadcasts and the more challenging end of current affairs programs across the UK, ensuring the safety, security and integrity of your production.

The extensive experience of our staff and keen ability to provide a solution to a problem has been paramount to our success in the media industry. Providing physical protection to the onscreen talent to reassuring presence for staff and crew, safety support to the technical crew or audience guidance and control as well as protecting the integrity of the stakeholders from unwanted attention or threat.

Our experience includes:

·        Film productions (studio based and location filming

·        TV dramas (studio based and location filming)

·        Online film production (location based)

·        TV game shows (studio filming with audience)

·        News programs (live piece to camera)

·        Current affairs programs (door steps and confrontational filming on location)

Our experienced team is ready to help your production, whether one off piece to camera or a large scale film production our staff can be deployed with little notice nationwide.

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