Traffic Management

traffic_managementSafestyle security services operates across all aspects of event management including the control of traffic, car parking and security of vehicles and property.

For many years we have been involved in the event industry managing the flow of traffic into car parks whether market or unmarked, in an efficient manner reducing both waiting time of the customer and easing congestion from the highways. Our staff are trained in house in traffic management, to maximise the space available but above all the need for a controlled ingress and egress as an integral part of a safe event.

Sadly with today’s economic climate there is also often a need for security in car parks at festivals and events where a large volume of unattended vehicles can be a magnet for organised crime. We have for many years now enjoyed the success of crime reduction, particularly vehicle crime at many of the festivals we operate. Engaging with the police, the festival organisers and customer has been key to our success, offering advice to drivers, employing high visibility tactics and covert response units to deter and detect criminal activity.

Other Services we provide: