Taxi Rank Stewards

Taxi-rank_stewards-1The way home from a night out in town, festival or one off event can often throw up its own challenges where the waiting around for a taxi or bus can become a hotspot for anti social or unruly behaviour.

We see the taxi marshal as a deterrent to anti social behaviour, providing order and  queuing process to both customers and drivers, a deterrent and reporter of unlicensed vehicles as well as a safe place for the more vulnerable to gain a safe passage home.

At Safestyle we can tailor a solution to combat and control these hot spots by engaging with those who use the ranks, as well as those who respond to its needs. To tailor a solution we engage with licensing, the authorities and those who use these pick up points to create a practical solution to your existing difficulties, whilst providing a safe haven for customers and taxis to queue.

We believe that the marshal scheme can provide an all round positive influence on the night time economy.

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